Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What I love Wednesday!

Hey there!  Long time no linky, right?  We were on vacation last week and it was oh so nice and so relaxing and we are looking forward to going again next year.  Now, I am in teacher mode and no longer in denial that school is starting soon:(  The only fun part?  Getting my classroom decor ready.  Which brings me to my first favorite.
1.  I have decided to keep with my zebra and brights theme this year.  I loved how it looked last year and am tired of it yet, so it stays!  I have looked high and low for some matching decor and could never find one that I really liked, so I created my own.  Came out cute too!  Almost done with it and will post it to TPT incase there are other zebra lovers out there!

2. My lesson plan book came.  I have been a long time erin condrin fan, but found that it really wasn't worth the money to me.  It was cute, I used it,  but in the end, too expensive.  I found this planner that i love and is way more reasonable.  It was personalized for me too!
The picture is not that great, but it is perfect!  Has a protective cover too! Can't wait to use it!

3. This app.  Alyson and I downloaded it while on vacation and we love it.  It is so much fun to pass the time (we played while at the dealership the other day).  Download it.

Thanks for stopping in!


  1. I saw this App on the Ellen show the other day! It does look like fun!


  2. Love your planner! It is SO cute!!! Love your zebra too...I have a sprinkling of it in my classroom, and adore it! Good luck getting ready for BTS!!!

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