Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Made It!

Happy Monday!  The only Mondays I don't mind are the ones in the summer:)  I am ready to link up this week with Tara over at 4th Grade Frolics!
I finally broke down and organized my school/classroom Pinterest boards.  I orginally was going to start a new school only board - in a separate account, but decided against it.  Making them more obvious they were for school was easiest.  I love the way they came out.  Still working on them be progress people, am I right?  You can follow me here.

I have been itching to put together a new birthday bulletin board display.  I came up with my favorite so far. Don't mind my couch as my faux bulletin board.

It is a set that has a polaroid for each month.  I always take group photos of my kiddos so I will just paste the group pic on top of the corresponding month.  If there is no birthday for that month, then there is still cute clip art:)  There is an example below in the preview page.
It's all ready for me to put up in my class.  You can find it here if you'd like to take a closer look.

I put together another Go math set. Yay!  I can't wait to use these in my class.  Hopefully will get started on the next chapter today:)

That's is it for now!  I am off to check out all the links:)  Have a great Monday!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Techie Tuesday?

Hey there!  I missed Monday Made It - not because I didn't have anything completed, but because we were just busy and didn't have time to post anything.  That's okay.  I decided to post a little tip incase there are any of you out there that might not know this.

  So this came about when I would purchase packs from TPT that had an entire page for one item that wasted a lot of ink.  Now, don't get me wrong, sometimes, it's worth it to print those, but most of the time, I prefer to be a bit greedy with my ink.  So I figured out how to put multiple pages on one single page.  Did that make sense?  It does in my head - LOL! Here are some photos to help....
So here I chose one of my products in PDF form, which is how you usually get them on TPT.  This product was made horizontally and I actually do print each page in full, but if I wanted to make these into a center, small group, etc. item, I could.  You need to first decide how many "photos" (they are not photos but that is what I am referring to when talking about the pages from now on).  If you want to just cut the size in half, or in fourths, etc.  
The first thing you want to do is go to file - then print (see above).  Now you want to choose PAGES.  This is going to print only the pages you want.  I am pretty ink greedy and pick and choose what I am going to print this way.  I usually write down the page numbers so I know what to enter in the PAGES box (see below).

I didn't want the cover, so I only printed 2-5.  Now, you could just print the entire pack and not hassle with this, but I choose not to waste my ink on the credit/direction pages.  I can print those at school in black and white.  
Now this part can get tricky.  If  you look at the screenshot above, the 4 "photos" are not really what I wanted.  They are not using all the space that they can.  I want to turn them so they are horizontal.  All you have to do is go down to orientation and click landscape.  
See the difference?  Fills all the space and I get what I need in a smaller version.  Just click print and you are ready to go!  All of these steps will vary depending on your computer, program, etc.  But you get the idea.

When do I use this?  Here are some instances that I use this technique.
               *when center cards/problems are too big and bulky so I print
                 them all on one page
               *When I want to keep the sample photos in a pack and still print them in 
               *Some packs are so big and I do need to print each page, but find that the
                 teacher direction pages can be combined into two half sheets.  This
                saves me space and ink!
               *And when I really like the photos but I know that it will take up a lot
                of my precious ink, so choose the half size instead.

I hope this was helpful to some of you.  I know that it saves me the headache of having to pick and choose what I am going to print.  

Have a wonderful Tuesday!  Off to celebrate my baby girl's big 1-0!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday Made it!

  Hello!  How is it that these weeks fly by when we are on vacation?  I got some work done this week - but mostly finished books and ran errands - per normal.

I am linking up again with Tara over at 4th Grade Frolics
Let's see.  I finished these two books - so I "made it" through them - does that count? LOL!

This first book was amazing - she is such an amazing author and I have never been disappointed by one of her books!

 This Jennifer Weiner book was a little darker than I'm used to with her - but it was good.
Monday we got some much needed cleaning done.  We started the day off with some Jamba Juice - yumm.  Then we went to Trader Joe's and bought the cutest little plant - it's called a pineapple plant?  Then we went to Target and we bought a new cutlery tray which led to cleaning out A LOT of cabinets.  Got rid of almost all of my plastic containers (trying to use glass), and things that I didn't even know we had.  Got rid of expired food - how does that happen??  I found a cake mix from 2011 - ummmmm, yeah:)
Tuesday - watch out!  Alyson and I made a pie.  Yep!  We did.  If that's not making something, then I don't know what is.  We were so very proud.  And it was yummy!  We also babysat my niece - ack she is adorbs!  She was easy to babysit - all she wanted was Frozen:)
Wednesday we did a little more organizing - we headed to Home Goods and bought a canister for my cupcake liners.  Thanks Pinterest!  And Alyson found the biggest bag ever - LOL!  At the bottom she is watching a youtube video.
And Thursday I must have been so busy that I forgot to take pictures - LOL! *wink*wink*

Friday - Mike and I have kept the tradition of taking Alyson downtown to a little fair that our city has every year.  But she said this year she was "over it" - so I decided - why make her??  So they spent the day at Disney.  I told her to take lots of selfies - and she did!:)  My mom and I went to lunch and shopped.  I did miss going to a BBQ this year, maybe next year.
And this weekend??  Relaxing, busy, fun.  Just enjoying the summer.

I did finish a couple of school things - yay me!

First...finished another JBJ book companion - yay!  I love these books - this one is one of my favorites.  

AND-----I updated an old Fire Safety set.  It was one of my first TPT items.  I have been wanting to update it for a while and I did - it is super cute and I can't wait to use it this year.  I added 23 pages!!

That is it.  I need to crack open some of my pacing/planning guides to get a head start - but I think the beach is calling!  LOL!

Off to check out some blogs!!  Have a great one!