Friday, August 24, 2012

In Progress

Hey there!  My second post here!  trying to "feel" my way around this new blog and the angle that I want to take.  Not as personal, and definitely more professional.  I am a crafter in my "home" life and have had the pleasure of working for some pretty wonderful scrapbooking companies.  All my hobbies, and my job intertwine in a wonderful way, that definitely comes full circle.

I want to start by sharing where I have been holed up for the past 2 days.  With my trusty sidekick, of course.  
So this is what my little old class looked like Tuesday morning.  MUCH cleaner, and MUCH more organized than I remembered (giving myself a nice pat on the back).  And ignore those ugly yellow tables, they irk me to no end, but it's what we have.

Our school was used for Special Ed summer school.  Mine was one of the classrooms that was used.  Everything was just as I'd left it.  Thank you!  It is so hard to let others in my class to use without me there, but it is part of the job and I am happy to do my part.

Now this was a funny sight.  I opened my closet to see it as a sort of teacher Jinga. One wrong move and BAM! LOL!  Thankfully, the shelves are much less cluttered now.

*Okay took a break and I am back and it's Friday - ha!  My attention span isn't too great these days.

  On with show...

Then I got completely sidetracked while checking my email- ha!  Can't beat this cute necklace for $10!

Back to work...
Well this is what A was doing while I was working.  Making tracks and playing with all the center blocks, leggos, etc. Notice the pillow there?  She came prepared!
And although my room looks a complete mess, I had been working my butt off for hours!

That's it for day 1.  such a mess, that was only about to get bigger (you'll see).

Until next time!


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