Monday, November 10, 2014

Hello and Happy November

Hey there!  I won't beat around the bush and give any excuses, I just have been too exhausted to write an entry here on blog.  I wake up, be mom, work, soccer mom, work, homework helper, TPT work, and then crash on the couch:) Seriously.  I wouldn't change it for anything, but I sure am enjoying my 4 day weekend!
  I have been creating this weekend - well actually, finishing up a pack that I started over a month ago.  If you have any of my units like these:

Then this one will be right up your alley.  I created one for Veterans Day - and yes I know it is tomorrow - but it is what it is.  Time flies and my kiddos will be learning about it Wednesday through Friday.  I say that is perfect!
It has all the non-fiction text with real photos inside.  I also added a writing component this time.  I always love to have some kind of culminating craftivity to put up after each unit we learn.  I added a quick writing activity that will be easy to complete and put up. You can see them in the second preview.

I can't wait to get this printed and ready for my kiddos.  I know they will love choosing their soldier and writing about them.  Click on any of the photos to head over to my store and check it out!

Have a wonderful Monday!

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