Monday, August 25, 2014

A new look...

I have been waiting all summer for this new look!  Ahh, I am pretty good with code, but honestly, I didn't want to spend the time designing.  So this look makes me oh so happy!  Part of having this little blog re-done is actually using it!  Imagine that!  I sit here on Sunday night procrastinating lesson planning (already, I know) and looking forward to a day of PD;)

  Since I have been in my classroom this past week, it is about 95% complete!  I don't put too much on the walls, as I wait for the kiddos to fill those up.  But what I could fill up, I did.  Here are a few things that I did as I was working, you can see more pictures on my IG feed.

One HUGE task that I wanted to tackle this year, was my library.  I have so many books and they are pretty organized, but honestly, last year, I realized I needed a better system.  So I sorted them, two days people!  And then I labeled like crazy!
I bought a set by Molly Maloy.  I loved that they were editable!  They did the trick.  I can't just label a basket, I need to label the books if I want them to be returned back to their proper home.  I need to take photos to show what they look like now:)

This year, I decided to dedicate a writing area.  It was hard being I have so many desks in my class, but I made it work.  Here it is in progress.  And what I ended up doing with it.
Love it!  I know I will change things up, but it is perfect for the start of the year!
And my center tubs.  Had them in different colors last year, but I am loving these so much better (they "go" with my class).  I have had the rainbow cart on the right for over 10 years, and honestly, it's not my favorite.  The drawers go off track easily and since the back has open spots, dust gets in there so easily.  But I think it will be perfect for my math centers this year.
  And do you see those tubs on the top left?  Those my friends, are tidy tubs.  I saw it on IG and knew I needed it in my classroom life!  Eaach table gets one when we are doing our cutting and pasting and then all trash goes in there, then one person is in charge of throwing out the trash.  This will prevent the kiddos from getting up after each piece they cut.  I can't wait to use it!
I changed up my focus board.  I have class rules there, as well as spots for my standards, essential questions, etc.  I can't wait to use them.  Looks so much better.  I did put it in my TPT store if you want to see.  And everything on the right, is what I've had up, but a bit more organized.  I am loving the black!

And folks, that is all!  I have to get to bed!  I need to get up before the freaking birds, so pray for me, LOL!

Have a wonderful Monday!

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