Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Oh my!  So I have been gathering things in order to be ready for when  I actually get into the classroom.  We don't get in until next week, so times a ticking. Things got stalled when Miss A broke her foot!  Yep!  Can't beloeve it myself but she is such a trooper!  We had a tough night on night one, but much better night two.

Here she is at Urgent Care.  Poor, girl.  She still had a smile on her face.

This smile may be because she found out she didn't need a cast, only crutches.  Only bummer, 4 weeks.  But it is so much easier without a splint or cast.

Soooo, now to the school stuff.  I wanted to share a couple things that I have shared on IG.  I couldn't seem to find what I wanted for some new Alphabet charts, numbers, calendars, etc.  So I put this together.

I have slowly added some things to this pack as I think of more things I would like to have in the pack.  But you can click on any of the pictures to head over to my TPT store.

And.....remember these?

I realized that I really wasn't too crazy about them, so Icreated this.
Much better and brighter!  I also made it available in my TPT store.  Hop on over.  There are 4 colors that you can choose from.  Blue, Pink, Purple and Green.  I also left some blank for you to edit.

That's it!  It is definitely time to relax for the night.  It has been a long day!

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